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Cellar Services

Inventory & Wine Portfolio Management 

  • Organize your wine cellar and implement an inventory system based on grape, region, producer, vintage, or readiness to drink

  • Create a digital inventory using either Google Sheets or Cellar Tracker

    • Personalize each wine with tasting notes, level of readiness to drink, wine scores, and food pairings

  • Maintain inventory on a quarterly basis, accounting for all new purchases and consumed wine


Cultivate a Collection

  • Initial consultation to explore your current flavor profile and preferences

  • Building upon your preferences and budget, we will create a short and long term plan for your collection

  • Create a wine purchasing guide, based quarterly or upon new vintage releases

  • Locate wines in local retail establishments, or source wines directly from producers, and assist in purchasing

  • Work with independent retailers to source rare and unique wines

  • Optional delivery service, with an additional fee


Cellar Design

  • Advise and help design the layout of your personal cellar

  • Offer assistance in purchasing wine racks, wine storage units, and temperature control systems

  • Implement an inventory system to best utilize the space

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